Titan T1-X

Smith Press
Incline Press
Incline Smith Press
Shoulder Press
Decline Press
Decline Smith Press
Arm Curl
Seated Leg Press
Seated Calf
Vertical Leg Press
Vertical Calf Extension
Lat Pull Down
Close Grip Lat Pull
Tricep Push Down
Incline Sit Ups
Pull Ups
Seated Row
Cable Crossover
Overhead Cable Curls
Leg Curl
Leg Extension
Pad Resistance Sit Up
Smith Shoulder Press
Dumbbell Fly
Cable Fly
Station 2: Pec Deck
Station 3: Lat Pull Down
Blue Upholstery
Cherry Upholstery
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The Titan T1-X is phase 2 of the TX series and comes standard with everything you need to perform over 200 of the available exercises. There are 4 add-on options sold separately:

  1. Vertical Knee Raise (CX)
  2. Unilateral Press Arms (JA)
  3. Wrist Developer (WRX)
  4. Oblique Twist (T)


​The T1-X is a 3-station system, and can be upgraded later to a 7-station T3-X if desired. One of the stations can be also used as a counter balance for the smith carriage which weighs 80 lbs. and can also be weighted past zero weight to create lift for exercises such as Assisted Pull Ups as well as Push or Pull Down Exercises.





Olympic weights & Olympic bar are NOT included. (see bundled products tab for packaged discount)


 T1-X TOP EXERCISES VIDEOS: (Playlist includes 5 videos)



View all Exercises for the T1-X. Available exercises for the T1-X are 001-240. Some exercises require add-on option JA or WA.


Browse Exercises by Muscle Group






Standard features of the Titan T1 home gym include a sliding adjustable FID bench, a patented smith machine-hybrid, a counter-balance system, multiple safe spotting methods, and an accessory rack for storing the options.

Sliding Adjustable FID Bench (Flat / Incline, Decline)

Allows the bench to quickly be centered for each exercise, ensuring symmetry for each arm or leg depending on the exercise. It also eliminates the task of repeatedly standing, moving and then sitting again to see if the bench is positioned correctly. Instead, all you need to do is simply glide the bench forward by pushing with your legs to the position you desire and then lock the bench into position. Used for multiple exercises such as incline bench press, decline bench press, flat bench press, leg press, leg curl, leg extensions, free weight exercises and much more.


Patented Smith-Hybrid Technology

The patented Smith Hybrid technology allows the user to pull the resistance all the way through the body for a full range of motion, something not available on most other commercial use fitness equipment. The twist-locking handles are based on the safe design of the standard smith machine so they safely lock onto the weight hooks at any point during the exercise to prevent injury. The smith-hybrid system is also designed with an open center area instead of a single bar extending across the center, thus there is no chance of trapping under a smith bar (unless you are using the close-grip add-on (option N) to bridge the gap between the two handles).


Counter-Balance System:

The Counter-Balance System allows resistance for the following exercises to be reduced down to as low as 1 lb. and can be used with attachments for assisted exercises including assisted pull-ups and assisted dips, as well as lat pull downs (shown below).


Safety Spotters:

For added safety, the Titan comes with latch-on safety spotters that can be quickly inserted onto the weight hooks along the front or rear uprights.


Accessory Rack:


Stainless Steel Grip Handles / Weight Posts:


Included Accessories & Handles:

Also Included: Exercise posters (3)

User Capacity: 3 users (3 exercise stations)

Weight Capacity: 625 Lbs.

Dimensions: 131"L x 103"W x 87.6"H

Recommended Minimum Room Dimensions: 158"L x 118"W x 89"H

See All Technical Drawings

Weight: 1232 lbs. (not including weights, etc.)

Crate Dimensions: 84"x30"x58"

Options: VTX universal bench, T3-X conversion kit, Option JA-X

Warranty: Lifetime warranty on the frame, pulleys, & moving parts. 5 years on upholstery.


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EZ Curl Bar GOZ-47 +
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